5 workplace trends for 2024

We’re looking at the top 5 workplace trends we expect to shape 2024.

We’ve battled against economic uncertainty and employee burnout, and reaped the benefits of rapid developments in AI and technology. Hybrid working has become the new normal, while employee wellbeing has skyrocketed to the top of employers’ priority lists. With so much change through recent years, what workplace trends can we expect in 2024?

Here’s what we think will define the year ahead.

1. Greater emphasis on mental health and wellbeing

We’ve witnessed a shift in the amount of wellbeing initiatives being offered by employers, and we don’t see this slowing down. This is a topic you’ll notice we discuss often because we’re passionate about improving employee wellbeing. So, whether you offer financial education to boost financial resilience, or include mental health support in your benefits package, wellbeing should be a focus area in 2024.

2. High demand for soft skills

AI is taking the world by storm, but the emergence of Industry 5.0 is reminding us that a human touch is still required. Soft skills will become critical for businesses to thrive – great communication, interpersonal skills, critical thinking and adaptability will be in demand and set jobseekers apart. The future of work is technology working together with humans, not against.

3. Increased use of AI

AI has changed the way we work and communicate, improving both efficiency and productivity. Automation has freed up time and resource, allowing businesses to allocate employees elsewhere. We expect to see an increased use of AI in analysing data, human-machine collaboration, and potentially in the recruitment process.

4. Flexible working is here to stay

It’s been almost four years since the start of the pandemic, and during that time hybrid and remote working have become a requirement for many people. Companies who offer flexibility for where and how their employees work stand to be more desirable. While being present in the office encourages team building and camaraderie, flexible working reinforces trust and saves valuable resource. If you’re worried about how to build an inclusive workplace in a hybrid world, we’ve shared some useful tips. 

5. Make room for Gen Z

They’re the socially conscious generation who are passionate about technology, sustainability and inclusivity. To attract and retain Gen Z, employers should make sure their intentions and values are transparent, and ensure they communicate with purpose – with an offering of rewards and benefits that speak to them.

Inspired by our workplace trends for 2024? Get in touch if you’d like us to refresh your communications in the new year.

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