How to help your colleagues manage stress

Millions of us experience stress in our day-to-day lives and it can be caused by many things. Stress Awareness Day aims to raise awareness of the effects of stress and teach helpful ways to manage it before it becomes a problem.

With financial concerns being a leading cause of stress, anxiety and low productivity, it’s important for employers to play their part in alleviating some of these worries. Financial education is one way you can positively impact your employees’ wellbeing, empowering them to take charge of their personal finances and investments for the future. So, here’s a reminder of our stress-busting insights over the last year.

  1. Provide practical solutions. Last Stress Awareness Month, we shared some tips on how to tackle the impact of stress on employees at work. We explored how you can help them to understand the value of their compensation package and improve their financial resilience.
  2. Understand the link to mental health. We explored the link between mental health and financial education during May’s Mental Health Awareness Week. See our tips and tricks for better employee communication and money management.
  3. Put wellbeing at the centre. Our recent World Mental Health Day blog was a reminder to check in with your employees and focus on wellbeing in your benefits package and internal communications.

Now that you’re armed with our best tips and tricks for stress management, you’re ready to help your employees thrive.

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