More changes to National Insurance: the impact on your share plan participants

National Insurance Contributions are reducing from 6 November, marking another change (this time a positive one!) to employees’ pay packets.

It could also have implications for colleagues enrolled in an all-employee share plan. For employees in a Share Incentive Plan, what’s due and when is rather complex – but our handy chart is a useful starting point! It clearly sets out what NICs are due and when on the different types of shares in a SIP.

The more guidance you can provide, the more in control your colleagues will feel about their own financial situations – invaluable support in these confusing times!

For people in other all-employee plans, the NICs changes won’t impact them, unless:

  1. They’ve been granted a discounted share option.
  2. There’s been a disqualifying event.
  3. A CSOP participant exercises their share option within 3 years.

Access more information on National Insurance:

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